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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Aha! It's Gonna Cost Me

With the adaptor out and battery fully discharged, I'm left with my only means to cyberspace - 3G-powered mobile phone; even this is fast becoming irrelevant.

Suddenly I have so much free time to ponder over the most insignificant of things; including the old earphone. I thought I'd bypass the frayed part by chopping it off and reconnecting the working regions. Little did I know that splicing won't work due to another layer of insulation surrounding each fibre. I found out later the need to solder the ends together with some flux.

Often things happen and we thought we'd have them in control. The thing is, the "aha" moment usually comes after things got screwed up. In this mess, we either pick up the pieces and figure out what to do or just chuck it in some box till a later time.

Had I seen the awkward contortion the wires were making I would've done something before the floor beneath gave way.

Now I'd have to dig myself out of this pit. Aha!


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